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Litter A
'The Royal Collection'

''The Royal Collection; named so because this litter from Valentisimo's Hello Kitty was born on the 8th June 2022, the week following Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee celebrations, marking 70 years of her reign as the longest serving British Monarch. 

The kennel name for each puppy was chosen to contain a royal reference to coincide with the occasion.

The Parents


Valentismo's Hello Kitty



El Viejo Cauce Boqueron Del Valentisimo


The Litter

Shelobi Heir To The Throne a.k.a. Uno a.k.a. Chester

Shelobi Court Jester a.k.a. Flash a.k.a. Ted

Shelobi Sovereign Prince a.k.a. Cupid a.k.a. Bisto

Shelobi King's Ransom a.k.a. Chip a.k.a. Pepe

Shelobi Kings Concubine a.k.a. Peach a.k.a Motsi

Shelobi Knight of the Realm a.k.a. Remy a.k.a. Remy

In 2019 we made the decision to find Merlin a playmate and by mid-November Maya joined our family.  She quickly settled in and has become a great companion to Merlin.  Like him we decided to start her at ringcraft, seeing this as a great way to increase her socialisation whilst also giving her some training to focus on without being impactive on her developing joints.  At the age of 6 months she was entered into her first show where, to our surprise, she went to win her class, then the Gundog Group, finally going on to take reserve best puppy in show.  Unfortunately this was to be her first and last show for a while as the Covid pandemic hit the country and brought with it wide ranging restrictions, cancellations and lockdowns.

Spanish Water Dog Puppy - Shelobi Spanish Water Dogs
Spanish Water Dog - Shelobi Spanish Water Dogs

As the the restrictions eased we got back outdoors.  Although we show occasionally we love nothing more than getting away and taking the dogs with us. Be it running on the beach and playing in the sea, exploring the lakes, rivers and fields of the countryside or climbing mountains, we want our dogs to have the best life. Our dogs are truly part of our family.  They absolutely adore our girls and go everywhere with us. When the girls’ friends come over to our house, Maya gets excited and thinks that they have all come to play with her.  Invariably she often gets her own way and becomes the centre of attention, receiving a lot of fuss and playtime.  That’s not to say that Merlin is left out; he has a canny knack for finding a ball from somewhere and presenting it for them to throw and him to chase.

Shelobi Spanish Water Dogs

Shelobi Spanish Water Dogs
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