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Spanish Water Dog - Shelobi Spanish Water Dogs - Merlin


KC Name:        Josalyn Roldan El Mago

Sex:                   Male

Date of Birth:   4th September 2017

Mother:            Josalyn Juananci

Father:              ShCM Newmoorhill's Juanpablo

Merlin was our first Spanish Water Dog.  He absolutely loves a ball and there is nothing he won't turn his paws to.  He shows a natural aptitude for breed type with a keen drive to constantly be working in the water; be it a lake river or sea, it is his true happy place.  He often demonstrates working traits of the SWD's from Northern Spain that were often used to help fisherman.  When in water, if there is a moored boat or the children are on body boards, without instruction his instinct is to pull them in to shore. 

Health Tests

BVA/KC Hip Dysplasia:  Left Hip = 7, Right Hip = 6,    Total 13

DNA - NAD:           Clear

DNA - prcd-PRA:   Clear

DNA - CHG:           Clear

BVA/KC/ISDS Eye Scheme - Unaffected

PLA - Grade 2 (tested 13 October 2020)

Brachyury (Bobtail Gene) - N/N (Full Tail)

Inbreeding Coefficient - 4.4%

Merlin's Pedigree - Shelobi Spanish Water Dogs
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